La Philie Vintage Porcelain Dishes Crawling with Hand-Painted Ants, by German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie… #Art

Into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely.
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The Djerbahood project gathers 100 artists from 30 countries to paint the streets and walls of Erriadh, a village in Djerba, Tunisia. #art

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Nikola Tesla’s personal exhibition - Neon Lights (Columbian Exposition), 1893.

Nikola Tesla’s personal exhibition - Neon Lights (Columbian Exposition), 1893. #art

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I would love to know who made this. If anybody does, let me know and I will give credit. #Graffiti #Walls #Art

Joe Iurato - miniature wooden figures in urban landscapes #art

UVA’s Immersive New Installation “Momentum” Will Distort Your Senses

The multidisciplinary art and design studio, United Visual Artists (UVA)—known for being a sensory manipulation maestro—is readying an immersive, new installation called Momentum, that will transform The Curve exhibition space at the Barbican Centre in London into a spatial instrument, of sorts.

The installation, which opens tomorrow, includes pendulum-like pieces throughout the 90-meter-long gallery to yield an evolving composition of light, sound, and movement. The pendulums, however, are programmed to move in idiosyncratic ways, so that shadows and light surge across the room and disorient visitors in a captivating and individual manner. Every visitor’s experience in Momentum will thus be unique, and could possibly help her understand her senses better. #art

Below is a video preview of the installation:

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Is it possible to play a record underwater? After witnessing the Submerged Turntable installation by artist Evan Holm it seems you can.

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin Holy Bible #art


Lee Friedlander - The Little Screens (1963)

Tom Fruin, Necktie Party (2009). 

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"Based in Beijing, artist Li Hui uses modern technology, lights, lasers, and LED lights to create fantastic, illuminated displays. In Reincarnation, the Chinese artist used fog, metal, medical bandages, and bright red laser lights streaming down from the ceiling to light up an everyday bed frame underneath. As the light passed through the air and across the object’s surface, a ghostly mist can be seen rising from the top of the bed. The overall vibe from the installation evokes eerie feelings of uncertainty, where on edge viewers wonder what other invisible things may be revealed.

The foundation of the piece is an object on which we sleep, a place where we often experience hazy images, thoughts, and emotions within dreams and nightmares. The artist transformed what is usually a private space into a stunning display of lights in an attempt to evoke emotions. He says, “I understand that there are elements in my works that might make people feel a little puzzled or even a little scared when first confronted with them. However, from what I have experienced, it is not just the [strong] visual impact, but also the ‘otherness’ or their mysticism that can have this kind of result.”

The artist says that photos don’t do the project justice, and that viewers can get a better idea of the piece through video, which can be seen below. If you enjoy this kind of light installation work, you will appreciate another of Hui’s pieces, a very similar project entitled Transition.” #art



Nelly Agassi — from Palace of Tears, 2001


Artist: Katharina Fritsch's large-scale contemporary sculptural installations #ART

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Heike Stephan - Monelle, 1983