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Imran Qureshi - And How Many Rains Must Fall Before the Stains are Washed Clean (2013)

#MuseumMonday: This trailer gives a sneak peek of Loris Gréaud’s upcoming shows at Musée du Louvre and the Centre Pompidou, opening June 19th.  #art



Gagosian Gallery, 555 W24th St., NYC

continues thru Apr 6: 

“It is not true that only the good die young, but Jean-Michel Basquiat did at 27 in 1988. He was not only good; at his best he was one of the most original artists of his generation. If that sounds like an extravagant claim, you might have a look at the high-quality selection of 59 of his paintings at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea. There is not a lot of art from the ’80s that feels this alive today.” - Ken Johnson, NY Times

Artist: Matthew Stone, Unconditional Commitment to Sacred Love at V1 Gallery #art #photography 

Artist: Candy Chung - Confessions #Art #Installation 

"The Cosmopolitan (its current marketing campaign: "Just the right amount of wrong") happens to have a gallery space and an artist’s residency program, run with the help of the Art Production Fund. When Chang was invited to stake out the space there for a month this summer, while living in the hotel, she turned her trademark interactive art toward the famed winking permissiveness of this city.

"When you think about Vegas, you think about ‘What happens here, stays here,’" she says. "It made me wonder, what would I want to know from all the people around me in Vegas? Was there a way we could actually" share our confessions in a safe way in public space together?"

The resulting live exhibit, which runs through Aug. 12., is frank and cheeky and sincere at the same time. As it turns out, for all our private fears, a lot of us have confessions to make about pretty similar transgressions. More than half of them, Chang says, have so far been about sex, unrequited love, heartbreak, longing, and fears of dying alone.”

- The Atlantic

Artist: HUGH O DONNELL at Morrison Gallery 26 May- 24 June. Opening reception Saturday,26 May, 5-7 PM in Kent, CT #art #gallery #opening 

Image 2

The Singing Dawn
oil on canvas
40 x 36 inches


SEPTEMBER 20 - OCTOBER 22, 2011 @ Gagosian Gallery in New York City

Opium, 2010
Acrylic on stretched canvas
42 x 56 inches (106.7 x 142.2 cm)

Jenny Saville at Gagosian Gallery in New York - “CONTINUUM”
SEPTEMBER 15 - OCTOBER 22, 2011 #art #JennySaville


Red Stare Head IV, 2006-2011
Oil on canvas
99 3/16 x 73 13/16 inches (252 x 187.5 cm)
© Jenny Saville 2011. Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery

Standing Rib, 1962 by Roy Lichtenstein, oil on canvas by annemmu on Flickr.

Roy Lichtenstein “Standing Rib” 1962

Paul Morrison
Site specific wall painting
Bloomberg SPACE, London
Acrylic paint directly on the wall

Concrete Pour 7, 2007 
40 x 51 inches, (101.6 x 129.5cm)

Artist: Nick Van Woert

Plaster bust and polyurethane plastic

Thomas Hirschhorn - Too Too - Much Much - Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens - #art #installation